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Men's Hair Replacement

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What do you think?

What's your attitude towards losing your hair?  What's your attitude towards replacing it?  Maybe you have no thoughts either way.  Maybe you're influenced by some one else's thoughts and opinions. But more probably, you have definite thoughts of your own that you also have some conflicts with. Don't worry. Most men do.

You already know.

You probably already know what's available if you're losing your hair. You've either used Propecia or Rogaine yourself or know someone who has, without success. And you know what transplants are and how they work. And you know what non­ surgical hair replacement is and how it works. Or do you?

What grafts can do….

The skin grafts we use can accommodate any degree of hair loss and any type of hair loss pattern. An entire hairline can be reconstructed, the mid‑scalp and crown can be filled in, side recessions can be made to disappear. In short, as little or as much hair as needed can be accessed to cosmetically alleviate your hair loss.

What grafts can't do ...

Our non‑surgical skin grafts can't grow. Even so, you'll, have to come in regularly to cut your existing hair and to maintain the grafts. Everything else that you do now, you'll do after you have the skin grafts. Washing, combing, sweating, swimming. You'll just be doing it with more hair. Don't worry. You'll get used to it.

Not a hair system.

Most people associate non‑surgical hair replacement with the "hair systems" they see advertised on TV. There was a time when hair systems were the only kind of nonsurgical method available. You still see them advertised today and many people are happy with the results they achieve. However, a hair system is NOT what we're offering here.

Non‑surgical grafts.

We offer a method of non‑surgical grafting hair onto your scalp. The grafts are directly melded to your scalp without surgery and contain 100% human hair. There is nothing between your scalp and the graft, and your scalp is completely visible. When you, or someone else touches your scalp, all that can be felt is your scalp.

Are grafts for you?

If you have enough hair loss that you can see, you're probably a good candidate for non‑surgical skin grafts. That's the physical part of the question. As for the mental aspects of the question, it all depends on attitude: how happy are you with going bald? It also depends upon our next question.

Are grafts for someone else?

If you're thinking of getting your hair restored because of what someone else might think, that's perfectly natural. But if you're NOT thinking of getting your hair restored because of what someone else might think, we ask you to think again. As in, think for yourself. You're the one who has to live with hair loss, not them. Again, it all comes down to attitude. Yours...

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