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Ladies Hair Restoration

There are many considerations to evaluate when deciding what type of Alternative Hair you are considering.
    First, we discuss what you want to accomplish with your new hair.
    Then we discuss your options…
    And YES, there always are options.
    Since all types of hair loss are different, there are many different types of hair grafts and applications to solve your problems…
    Your new hair will do everything for you except grow…
    Call today to discover your many options with our Free and Private consultations.



JoAnn Before

I don’t want to wear a wig!


JoAnn After

My oncologist was amazed that my hair finally came back…
I said, “No, I went to Hair Styles Unlimited."


Brennan Before

I’m ashamed to be seen in Public…  I used to wear hats to hide my hair…


Brennan After

I love my new Hair!  It has given me new confidence.
I’m even going to the gym and losing weight!!!



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